decision to blog

I don’t have a ton of time to sit and type the comings and goings of this crazed group of people who call themselves family and who swear they love each other despite their frequent actions.  I was asked however, to record this adventurous, haphazard, slung together vacation we have lately deemed “how the west was won”.  So here it is in a nutshell.  Chris filed for an order of protection…..code for, the judge can’t make him come to court for 2 weeks of July.  We pondered the 1000’s of places we could go with the dedicated vacation budget we have amassed. (not a lot of money)  I have always wanted a Class C camper~cue the laughs from the Murchison family as we realize Class C sounds like Classy to the salesmen!  We all know camping isn’t classy but what the who- you have but one chance to cram your entire stinky, clumsy and cute family into a traveling death box where you own the fact that you can move freely without a seatbelt (despite the fact that as young children you humped over their carseats to nurse them while you drove so not to take them out of their seatbelt….my we have come a long way.  Anyhow, fast forward to we bought a barely used camper, that I found (jewel in my crown-unless things go South as we go West).  If it breaks I’m blaming Chris for not being engine knowledgeable and not seeking appropriate consult prior to said purchase.  There- Blogged -this may turn out like journaling as my last blog post was in 2012 and I had to change blog platforms because the link didn’t exist anymore! ha-