Today I spent the best $38.50 of my life.    After a much longer day than anticipated in St Louis at the arch, and then in subsequent traffic that followed, we found Cottonwoods RV Park outside of Kansas City.  I used a variety apps such as and Oh Ranger, and came up with a few sketchy misses but this one is a hit!  They have a little weight room so no one can quote the movie RV, “no one respects my lifting schedule”!  They have a laundromat, pool, bathhouse, store, tornado shelter and cement! I hate dirt campsites.   We had planned to eat, wash and run but will probably spend the night and head on to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado tomorrow.  That’s gonna be a haul( spoken with my strongest southern accent!) 


2 thoughts on “38.50$

  1. Lyndsay shared this link so I too could read what was going on. Looks like “Home Sweet Home”. And that is wherever you are…. Love y’all


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