Getting the heck out of Dodge

I swear the miles across the state of Kansas are actually equivalent to 5 miles. I did not think we would ever reach DODGE! Once there it was a bit lackluster and made me a bit sad as to how the United States has fallen to kitchy tourist attractions to try and eek out a living for its citizens.   There were no good restaurants and we resorted to camper sandwiches which by the why was just fine with me! The Boot Hill cemetery attraction was expensive and all fabricated from past photos.  It reminded me of a very lame Ghost Town in the Sky. The town as a whole was about like St George, S.C. but without a nearby interstate…..Few original buildings.  We did walk across the graves of the victims of the Babylon of the West, as they called it.  I bought a book and read it already and it was meh….It was called the “the Upstairs Girls- prostitution of the Old West (don’t judge it was historic)  We have now crossed into Colorado and have seen more huge pinned up cows so close they couldn’t move and it makes beef a bit unappetizing.  There may be no humidity here but the air will stifle you to death with the thick smell of manure which lingers for miles past each corral.  I’m imaging what it smelled like during the late 1800’s.  The terrain is vast and beautiful and we did see awesome wind farms and the distribution site too! Next stop coming soon at the Great Sand Dunes National Park.   PS- hope this post wasn’t too gloomy but my advise to the Kansas traveler would be stay on a fast moving interstate and go the heck around Dodge! Glad to be in Colorado!


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