Great Sand Dunes!

This.  Place.  Is.  Amazing.  To begin, the elevation is around 9000 ft here so Normal breathing is a bit altered.  I live with extreme sport enthusiast and with kids with drive that is atypical and because of that they have developed, through conditioning, great endurance.   The pics do no accurately convey the magnitude of this dune! The geology of this is worth reading and can be studied here at Great sand dunes – it’s an easy read! Be sure to read about how they are formed…..and people question if there is a God- ha    So enjoy he pics – we now have a very sandy camper.  Thank God for lynoleum.  Also pray for Marshalls feet.  The sand can reach temps of 150 degrees and he climbed this barefoot b/c it’s too hard with shoes. He has lots of open blisters and we are on the look out for an aloe plant! He doesn’t complain much and he’ll be fine but prayers never hurt.  It’s easy to feel closer to God here. It’s so beautiful.  ​


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