On the way to Old Paria 

Today we stood in 4 states at once! So many unimaginable structures rose from the earth at every turn as we progressed through the desert.  So, anyone who really knows me well knows my love affair with dirt roads.  I care much less about the cleanliness of my car than the indescribable feeling that comes where the pavement ends.  ( not trying to sound all cliche country song). While researching for this trip Jonathan and I stumbled across what he called the rainbow mountains.  Old Paria Is what we discovered!  We couldn’t find a lot about the area but I was pretty sure they rested at the base of Utah near Big Water.  As we set off from Mesa Verde, I neglected to share my uncertainty about navigatable RV access with Chrissy!! We also stopped for our first out of camper meal on the way….Burger King- which was a treat in and of itself b/c we don’t really eat fast food except Chik-fil-A! There were some life sized Beth Barnes Native American 4th grade structures.  The pictures that follow do not capture the experience.   Can I just give a good ole’ shout out to Ford Motor Company because this E-450 is a BOSS!  We set off road at Old Paria monument and the road looked good, other than a little wash board action. The turns ended up tight, washed out under the edges and craggy cliffs gave way to rocky canyon bottoms.  In my 47 years I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as what lie at the bottom (other than my 4 babies)!  The climb back to the top yielded no pictures as I was hiking with marshall up the road to be sure NO ONE was in the way when big Bertha the Ford came barreling up in low gear! (Chris emptied the clean water tank to lesson her struggle). Me and marshall and the water bottles and the gun went ahead and THAT nearly was my asthmatic death as it’s hard to breathe up here and it was 200 degrees today.   I just knew a mountain lion was going to jump out and try to eat us at any second! After we made it back to the top safely, Chris had a much deserved Coors in honor of our recent trek through Colorado, and I drove us back to pavement! Now off to Vegas for some Circus Circus!


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