The green table~Mesa Verde

Today had some treacherous driving but I just want to say that Chrissy (as Marshall affectionly calls him) has driven the entire time and has done so safely and skillfully!! Today we discovered that the National parks in Colorado apparently don’t believe in guard rails.  I’m not afraid of heights, I’m afraid of falling! We were so high up and little in between us and imminent death! Enjoy the pictures.  The pit houses and cliff dwellings here range in age from around 800-1200’s Ad. 

going back down


One thought on “The green table~Mesa Verde

  1. Wow Carmen….What wonderful memories you are creating for your boys. Although tight quarters can bring on disagreements. There were 5 children in our family My Mom would load us up and hit the road. When we all get together which isn’t often We all come up with a remember when lol Have a blast girl Waiting on pictures from Arizona … Tell Chris good job on the driving Safe travels my friend


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