Bright lights, big city

We arrived in Vegas in time to check into Circus Circus slip on some nice clothes and head out for dinner.  We saw the infamous fountain in front of the Bellagio and then went to dinner at Gilly’s in Treasure Island.  The strip and Vegas in general reminded me of a cross between Disney and Myrtle Beach and a cruise ship(no water)! There were kids everywhere and I say that b/c i seriously contemplated not taking my kids because I didn’t want them to be out of place.   I made them wear khakis and nice shorts because somehow I had glamourized Vegas.  Cleary lots of money is spent here and 5 million people visit every year but I’ve  lost nothing in Vegas….I must admit the shopping was amazing! I could have stayed a bit longer in Ceasers Palace.  Impressive.  The Carol Shelby Museum hour and a half tour was a bit long for me but the others loved it! Now some Hard Rock Cafe and some Indoor skydiving, a quick stop by The Pawn Stars shop and we will head on to more of God’s creations in Yosemite.   I will say that all my kids gave a special shout out to the dude on the corner preaching the gospel as loud and as accurately as he could while sinners streamed by like a flash flood.  So Long Oasis in the desert.  I’ll post the rest of our Vegas adventures later


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