Camper or sports car

While climbing back to the top of the main roadway up from the Tuolumne Grove I noticed an eerie comparison of myself to the camper climbing those tuff climbs while Marshall, Nick and Jonathan were like sports cars racing to the top.  After climbing waterfalls all day, it takes some serious exertion to climb a mile and a half up up up!!  My sage advise, don’t wait until you are old to go fun places with your kids! Our kids are getting along swimmingly! Yesterday Jonathan did say when we come back here I sure hope I can bring Benji! Forty-six isn’t old and this is a great time!! We are just out of San Francisco this morning, everyone’s still sleeping and Chris and I are trying to figure out what to do with big Bertha for a few days so we can enjoy the city! Thanks for reading and will post today’s adventures tonight! 

It took some serious effort barefoot on some slippery rocks to get this far! Accomplishment!


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