Yo Yosemite, what’s up!?

So….I have attempted to leave out any negative aspects of the trip because, well, who wants to read that! If western bound travelers are reading this however, there are a few things they should know.  (1) never camp in Las Vegas.  Either fly into Las Vegas or skip it if you are on a road trip.  It is a high crime area and it’s not safe to leave stuff unattended.  (2) If you are driving a camper into Yosemite, know that certain entrances strongly suggest not driving on certain roads over certain feet.  30 feet seemed to be the magic number.  The sequoia national forest isn’t accessible by RV unless it’s super short!   Now for the good stuff.  Yosemite West entrance at Oakhurst is camper friendly and the pictures you see online of the typical sites, do not do them justice. This is the busiest time of year and we have had zero problems finding close, clean, fun little campgrounds with no reservations.   Tonight’s campground is just off of 120 in Yosemite towards Sanfran…. As soon as we got into the forest today we stopped and took a one hour train tour through the Sugar Pine Lumber Company.  It was a logging tour and I loved it so much! I could have riden in that forest by train all day long. We will go back early in the morning to hike down to the redwood grove, and maybe hike back up to the first pool of Yosemite falls(again).  Also, I missed bridal veil today and want to see it tomorrow.  Enjoy the pictures from the day….sorry about the quality as I no longer have my Canon Rebel with the wide angle awesome lense…refer back to the don’t camp in Vegas reference! Also, it’s 50’s here at night and awesome!  And for the clincher Jonathan and Marshall just ran back in the camper because they saw a mountain lion on the way back from the bath house! They are all currently back outside looking for it…..lord help me. Also- our bathroom exploded when Chris went over some bumps!! Lol


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