Mixed Bag

So,today was a hodge podge of activity designed to please everyone in the group.  Marshall probably came up short today because the Nike store he wanted to go to was closed but we will make it up in the days to come.  To the traveler: make reservations for Alcatraz before you go! We were commited b/c this was one of the few items in Nicks list of wants for the trip.  Getting said tickets required one of two of the most common sacrifices found in life!  (1) we could buy the “package deal” totaling $650 to do Alcatraz and bunch of other stuff we didn’t care about OR (2) we could get up at 4 am and wait in line until ticket booth opens at 7:30 and get any available stand-by tickets. (One per person in line).   Fast forward – freeze freeze whine cry freeze – got the tickets! San Francisco Is so cold always! The tour was great though, we used th little head phones and it was really fun and I saw a sea lion!  We finished up?we  Grabbed the Ferry and scooted off to Oakland for the A’s vs the Blue Jays- Jonathan pulled for BJ, they won but we bought a Oakland hat since we were at their ballpark! We are now settled in for the night at the KOA in Petelume north of the Bay Area.  It’s a cute little Ocean Lakes in the hills with great amenities and stuff for kids and teens.  So long for now and I’m going to pop the cork on my Prosecco and watch my man grill a steak! 

camp ground jump castle
getting ready to run the bases
first light house in west coast on alcatraz
my #ootd san francisco vacation style complete with socks and flip flops! lol
it was JUST his cold!!!


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