From the redwood forest to the salt flats….

The sail is high and the rudder positioned accordingly as we move east! It feels like you are on the ocean as desolation of the terrain surrounds you.  We drove early Into the morning hours and by we I mean Chris with Nick as first mate! I slept in 15 minute bursts because I wake up at every bump! Finally we stopped and rested a few still hours and set back out around 6am.  We have made it as far as Utah and I couldn’t wait to make this post because I just experienced one of my favorite spots of our cross country tour.  I’m not calling it “how the west was won” any longer because after seeing this beautiful land and what we as Americans have done to it makes me a little nauseous to absorb the history with which I already was aware.  We stole and destroyed this beautiful country and many of its natural phenomena from the Native Americans.  I love my country but greed and selfishness continue to plague us as a nation. I sure havent seen any buffalo that’s for sure.  What we have not been able to destroy however are the Bonneville Salt Flats.  I do find it interesting they call the flat environmentally critical yet the government uses it as a bombing range.   Thank God for the Department of the Interior and all of our other Parks and Recreation Departments who now maintain and attempt to keep safe these natural wonders.  One characteristic that makes seeing them in person so fantastic is how quickly the terrain changes! It was just rolling hills and beautiful mountainsides and BAM…. This!! For some reason my pics are reversed so start at last pic and come back up


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