Top 10 favorite aspects of travel camping 

Our trip isn’t a typical camping trip where you set up and 5 days later you tear down.  We have not spent the night in the same place twice but to see the magnitude of sites that we have couldn’t be accomplished any other way.  So for the top 10:

  1. Room to move around in the RV
  2. No restaurants or potty breaks required
  3. No makeup/no blow dryer
  4. No packing or sorting through suitcases
  5. Laundromat available where everyone helps and you wash 5 loads at once!
  6. Hubby cooks more than at home
  7. Can have a glass of wine on the road b/c hubby drives
  8. Constant change – not tied to an itenerary
  9. Always something new to see instead of flying and showing up
  10. My Keurig travels 

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