Bad Land fun! 

  • I would like to thank God for working for our best through all things.  When our big AC went out in camper, we were just outside the cooler temperatures in California.  We never missed it! We did however alter our planned return Southerly route b/c of record 3 digit temperatures.  The part has to be ordered and we aren’t anywhere more Han a day.  The new northerly route eliminated the Grand Canyon and Sedona.  Now, by this time we none really care because once you see about 30 wholes in the earth with a trillion other people looking too….you are kind of over it! Today we spent all day on the wildlife loop of Custer State Park.  We saw so many animals it was like a canned safari except that it wasn’t.  The wild horses, donkeys, prairie dogs, American Bison, pronghorn, deer and various birds were just beautiful.  They all roam naturally there! Plan your trip! Go! Also, all the little towns were authentic and western and so cute.  The boys shared an Elk, Buffalo pheasant pizza….yum. There were lots of ATV’s of all shapes and sizes being used as primary transportation.  A visit to Mount Rushmore followed complete with our gift shop raid for all our little friends at home.  We detoured off the interstate through the Bad Lands ending up on I-90 towards Chicago.  It’s pretty hot but we are trying to stay as North as possible while still heading towards home.  Everyone keeps saying, “what was your favorite”?  Today I’d have to say I will definately return to South Dakota as it has been my favorite so far.  Pray the Ford AC keeps running b/c it’s what’s keeping us cool.  Pray we make good time because we ( all but Chrissy) are home sick.

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