Top 10’s

Camper Road Trip Surprises

  1. Calm and contemplative personalities make better camper drivers
  2. You will eat double your daily caloric intake from bordem and burn half your normal calories from idleness
  3. It’s hard to sleep in a camper while it is moving unless you are a kid
  4. You will fight dehydration constantly once you are west of the Mississippi
  5. You get sick of looking out of the window at otherwise amazing sites
  6. Time goes by much slower than normal
  7. The thought that you can drive for hours and hours without stopping and that you make great time is false! Campers get yardage not mileage and they need gas constantly
  8. You abandon most of your typical seatbelt rules and concerns as if you are immune to wrecks because you are on vacation
  9. You don’t really get sick of one another’s company or intolerable of one another.  You grow more patient and compassionate as time goes by
  10. Campers are very delicate and break easily inside when you stay in them for 17 days straight!

cigerette lighter fan

must have quarters for all this laundry
napa road stop
sleeping with his football
when would you ever ride like this in a car?

sand surfing on boogie board ( dont forget board waz)

Top 10 must have items:

  1. Keurig & yeti
  2. Football, frisbee & boogie board
  3. Road Atlas
  4. Cup holders that attach to your table
  5. Cigarette lighter fan ( for circulation)
  6. Shop towels (the blue ones) because you dry off with these after a shower and throw them away!
  7. Quarters and dollar bills -lots of rolls- for tolls and laundromats
  8. 75 pairs of earbuds and 47 charging cables b/c they get lost or eaten or whatever!
  9. Interior Window alarms ( inexpensive at wal-mart) keeps away thieves
  10. Electric skillet( good for so many meals from steak to grilled cheese)
  11. Bonus item-wine!

Top 10 places to go and stop

  1. Custer State Park
  2. Bad Lands
  3. Mesa Verde
  4. Pacific Coast Highway
  5. Muir Woods
  6. Monument Valley
  7. Great Sand Dunea
  8. Alcatraz
  9. Four corners
  10. Yosemite (avoid peak season)

Top 5 places to look at as you drive by and top 5 to skip

  1. Mount Rushmore ( museum unimpressive) just look up and point
  2. Corn palace
  3. Bonneville Salt Flats
  4. St Louis arch – consumed about 5 hours
  5. San Francisco- expensive, dirty, cold, homelessness out of control

Top 5 to skip all together:

  1. Boot Hill Cemetary and dodge city – all re-created and no restaurants
  2. Calico- all re-created and tourist trappy
  3. Kansas- go around
  4. Fishermans wharf-San Francisco
  5. Las Vegas-sin city

Disclaimer – apparently these views of the skip all together are not endorsed by hubby.


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