Change of zipcode

To some people work isn’t associated as much with a location as with a task.  As the wife of a small town attorney, and as an employee of that law firm, the overwhelming burden that comes along with that job, to me, is often associated with a Zipcode.  Those not in the field of one type or the other of conflict resolution probably won’t identify with this quite as much.  I signed on as spouse and found myself in a profession for which my personality isn’t always wired.  While hubby is caring and companionate, I sometimes tire of knowing every single person and every single detail.  This is relieved singly by a change of Zipcode.  That being said, in the words of the great Dorothy of the great state with which I will forever go around, ” there is no place like home.”  As I made the bend around what already is sort of like a second home, Hendersonville, in the distance this I saw! 

With each eek forward from the accomplishment of the crossing of the Mississippi, to the leap across the Mason-Dixon Line, my heart has longed a little more for the 29469.  My arrival in Hendersonville  where my family, over the years, has escaped the hot summers to the ever cool Bearwallow Mountain, produced a warm feeling, knowing I was closer than ever.  Loping forward down I-26 in big Bertha we tick away the last few miles of a 7000ish mile journey.  We roll into town, with all its trappings, 17 days later with the full acknowledgement that it comes with details, and such details have never been more welcome.   Seeing places in person and feeling them surround you with their history and their peoples tend to change your views of ideas that never really seemed before, very important.  Other than just enjoying the trip, I return with some different perspectives.  I now have a camper to clean, practices to shuttle kids to and from, two weeks of work to catch up, a new teaching position to finalize preparations for and the list goes on.  I pray that my daily grind doesn’t numb me to the new ideas and opinions that were disturbed within me  about my country as I crossed it to and fro.  I love my life and my Zipcode….it just takes a little perspective to remind me sometimes! 


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