Good Money Spent

Some of the best money I’ve spent lately is on lessons and some of our summer activities were even free!  We took a break from piano over the summer, did  a short baseball camp, no football camp but enjoyed some basketball, water sports, gardening and tennis! In a society that seems to be over obsessed with professional athletes, I feel like the focus on being well rounded has taken a back seat.   There are many modes of thought and I’m not suggesting mine is right.  I try as a parent to consider a few points. 

  1. Do we ever eat at home at the table?
  2. Do our sports have seasons and do we “crop rotate”? Too much of a good thing is sometime too much! 
  3. Do I have to make my kid practice? 
  4. Are their signs of improvement?
  5. Do I become a lunatic that screams orders from the sidelines?
  6. Who is it about? Me or them?
  7. Does my child know the difference in winning, losing, participating, effort, respect and obedience? 
  8. Do we have down time?
  9. Do we skip church for activities?
  10. Is it fun?

Now, I certainly don’t always get it right but by child four I have seen it all.  I’ve seen one spectrum to another and I have the benefit of watching college kids that I knew as babies while at the same time parenting a middle schooler.  It helps you to see what works and what doesn’t! I ask myself those 10 questions at the beginning of every new season whether it’s piano or baseball.  I pray that what I do helps my babies be well rounded! 


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